Most Common Cause of Brain Injury

Car accidents cause more traumatic brain injuries than any other reason. This type of injury most often occurs when the head smashed against a hard object. When the injury occurs from a car accident, it’s usually the result of hitting a windshield. Brain injury can cause whiplash as well. Bleeding within the head usually causes the brain injury to occur over a period of time after the accident.

Permanent and temporary disability may result from a brain injury. The victim may suffer various degrees of debilitation that changes their life. Bruising in the brain, swelling, and tearing oftentimes occur and prolonged lack of oxygen to the brain can be life-threatening. Aside from car accidents, brain injuries occur due to slip and fall accidents, medical errors, assault and battery, and many other causes.

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If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain injury due to any cause, you may have the right to file a lawsuit to seek damages for your injuries. Not everyone qualifies to file a lawsuit so it is a good idea to schedule a consultation to discuss your case with a good brain injury lawyer jacksonville fl. The consultation is free and if you have a case, there’s no upfront money needed. The lawyer is paid only if he wins your case.

Lawyers maximize the verdict amount that you’ll receive if a judge rules in your favor in the case, if the matter even makes it all the way to a courtroom since many cases are settled before this time. If you’ve been injured and now suffer a lifetime of consequences, it is important that you don’t pay for someone else’s mistakes a second time. When you file a lawsuit, you get the justice that you deserve, especially if there is an attorney there to handle the case.